Buzz - 22 set. 23:40

| Sub Genre

Sub-Genre is a strategic consultancy that guides brands through the process of leveraging entertainment for marketing & CSR initiatives. We work directly with brands, with studios that are helping brands, and with agencies. - 22 set. 14:58

When Rupert Murdoch’s Empire Was at Its Peak

The media mogul had always been a builder and a buyer — often leveraging one asset to buy or build another — and 2007's launch of Fox Business was, perhaps, the height of his power. - 22 set. 12:00

The Tragedy of Google Search

With a landmark antitrust trial under way, a giant of the modern web is buckling under its own weight. - 22 set. 11:00

The Real Message of “The Real Housewives”

Since the show’s rise during the Great Recession, it has fulfilled a pedagogical role in women’s media. The lesson it imparts is: you better work, bitch. - 21 set. 23:02

AI & News: Moving Beyond “if” to “how”

Today, understanding artificial intelligence is an essential skill for a media leader. This is not simply because you need to determine whether to allow scraping of your web site, whether to sue for… - 21 set. 20:34

✘ Shaping markets and network value

And: Creating alongside expectation; A tidal wave of sexual abuse cases; Close the app, make the ting; Culture is the client - 21 set. 18:42

FEATURE: An oral history of PAW Patrol

As Spin Master’s juggernaut turns 10, the execs and creative talent behind this iconic preschool franchise share the story of how it took over the small screen, the big screen and toy aisles everywhere. - 21 set. 15:37

Inside Apple’s Plan to Change the Way We Watch Sports

Longtime Apple executive Eddy Cue happens to be an enormous sports fan. And with Apple entering the wild west of broadcasting live sports, he’s ready to shake up the way we watch games on TV—with a little help from none other than Leo Messi. - 21 set. 15:00

Confessions of a Journalist Turned Weed Smuggler

A veteran reporter looks back on when he was laid off from his newspaper gig and instead of taking a dead-end desk job turned to running van loads of marijuana across state lines - 21 set. 12:00

Airlines Are Just Banks Now

They make more money from mileage programs than from flying planes—and it shows. - 21 set. 11:00

The Patriot

How General Mark Milley protected the Constitution from Donald Trump