Buzz - 15 jun. 00:14

The Worm Charmers

A hint of blue on the horizon meant morning was coming. And as they have for the past fifty-four … - 14 jun. 17:00

David Duchovny Wants to Redefine Failure

With a new film (based on his own novel) and a new podcast, the multihyphenate talks “bullsh**” Hollywood perception, X-Files fans at his concerts and the toughest period of his career: “I wasn’t going to be a huge blockbuster guy.” - 13 jun. 23:14

Two Cultures, One Filmmaker – Salvation South

She grew up in a bicultural family with deep roots in South Carolina. The product of two rich storytelling traditions, she now captures on film the dualities of the South—and of her own life story. - 13 jun. 20:15

The Great Video Game Swindle

The video game industry exploits its workers and abuses its market dominance, ruining the quality of games while investors rake in fortunes. Worth more than the film and music industries combined, this behemoth is a beast that needs taming. - 13 jun. 15:45

MLow: Meta’s low bitrate audio codec

At Meta, we support real-time communication (RTC) for billions of people through our apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. We are working to make RTC accessible by providing a high-q… - 13 jun. 13:38

Jerry West and the Burden of Being the Logo

Mr. Clutch was such a defining figure in NBA history that the league made him its symbol, but the Hall of Famer could never escape the pressure that came with being the standard for excellence - 13 jun. 10:04

How ‘Bridgerton’ Makes History

Described by its showrunner as “definitely a fantasy,” the hit series relies on a team of historical consultants. Does the show take their advice? Mostly. - 13 jun. 10:00

What Really Happened Inside Miss USA?

Accusations of racism, sexual harassment and rigging have plagued the organization in recent years, but no reigning titleholder has ever quit. Then Miss USA and Miss Teen USA resigned in the same week. - 13 jun. 00:35

The Will Lewis Forgiveness Tour

News and notes on two D.C. media anxieties of varying proportions: The Lewis redemption rodeo at the WaPo and Mark Thompson’s quiet rejiggering over at CNN. - 12 jun. 23:23


The chatter around Shari Redstone’s shocking, and yet perhaps not entirely unsurprising, decision to kill the Skydance/RedBird acquisition at the thirteenth hour. - 12 jun. 21:52

An Unexpected Turn in the Evangelical Culture Wars

A proposal to ban Southern Baptist women from serving as pastors failed a two-thirds-majority vote, signalling that the far right has not yet consolidated its control of the Church.