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The iconic pasta causing an Italian-American dispute

An article claiming the American paternity of carbonara has caused an uproar in Italy and a spike in curiosity in the US. But where is the famous dish really from, and why do we care? - 31 mar. 14:10

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Is all of your data backed up securely? Each and every bit? Now's a good time to rethink how you want to keep your valuable pictures and documents safe. - 31 mar. 12:00

Why Americans Care About Work So Much

Workism is rooted in the belief that employment can provide everything we have historically expected from organized religion. - 31 mar. 01:00

In defence of fish thirst traps

Photos of men proudly holding up their catch of the day have become so contentious on dating app profiles that Tinder has banned them altogether. - 30 mar. 15:35

The benefits of 'deep time thinking'

Extending the mind into million-year timescales can feel daunting, but as Richard Fisher discovered, there are many benefits to be found by embracing a longer view. - 30 mar. 14:57

Michelle Rodriguez Never Says Die

The action hero on ‘Dungeons & Dragons,’ the “shocking” end of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise, and why she’s so hard to kill.