Buzz - 26 fev. 15:38

Gemini and Google’s Culture

The Google Gemini fiasco shows that the biggest challenge for Google in AI is not business model but rather company culture; change is needed from the top down. - 26 fev. 01:13

Mehdi Hasan joins The Guardian | Semafor

The Guardian US on Wednesday said that Hasan would join the news organization as a regular columnist following his abrupt departure from MSNBC. - 26 fev. 00:32

The Art of Decolonization | Broadcast

Artists and curators in St. Louis are negotiating the return of a sacred Indigenous site. Can art world resources be leveraged for more than symbolic statements? - 26 fev. 00:29

Pro-Israel group targets Post reporter | Semafor

The 10/7 Project and other pro-Israel groups have been keeping tabs on reporters who tweet negatively about Israel, putting pressure on major national news organizations to punish or remove these reporters from the beat. - 26 fev. 00:00

Episode 1516 - Lily Gladstone — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Lily Gladstone knows that people project all manner of emotions and intentions onto her when she gives a performance. Lily and Marc talk about why that happens, including the reaction to her Oscar-nominated performance in Killers of the Flower Moon. - 25 fev. 10:04

What It’s Like to Be a Sociopath

“Just because I don’t care about you doesn’t mean I want to cause you more pain,” says Patric Gagne, author of a new memoir about her sociopathy. - 24 fev. 11:00

The Hair Does the Talking

In my youth, when I wore a kufi, what my hair looked like became a source of wonder for the people around me. I took a foolish pleasure in holding on to that kind of power. - 23 fev. 13:57

Max Will Be Available in Bundle With Mega Sports App

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav confirmed Friday that the new joint venture sports app in development with Fox and Disney will include the ability to access non-sports content. - 23 fev. 11:00

His Latex Goddess

I spent months in an all-consuming affair with a man who refused to meet me in person. How did this happen?