Buzz - 2 ago 21:32

The Rickie Lee Jones Book

“Last Chance Texaco”: It’s amazing she’s alive. This book has not gotten enough press. It’s the absolute best book about being an artist in the rock world that I&#8217… - 2 ago 17:34

A Digital Home Run

Bitcoin for luxury suites. A LeBron James dunk for nearly $400,000. Why are pro sports way ahead of the game in digital transformation? - 2 ago 16:22

Responsible Cyber Offense

Offensive operations will continue apace in the foreseeable future—conducted by the United States, its allies and its adversaries. The choice is whether and how to engage in them responsibly and minimize cost to societies. - 2 ago 14:00

Golden Globes: Which Current HFPA Members Do Publicists Feel They Can Work With?

The Hollywood Reporter consulted eight top industry publicists — men and women of varying ages who represent individuals, studios, networks and awards campaigns — and granted them anonymity in return for candor about which of the 84 current HFPA members they hold in the highest regard. - 2 ago 01:52

2021 is the Year of the Gaming Handheld

Commentary: Four new systems coming out this fall from Nintendo, Valve and others are bringing portable gaming back into the spotlight. Here's what to expect from all of them. - 1 ago 18:18

MTV turns 40 years old

Serena Altschul discusses the birth in 1981 of the cable channel devoted to music videos, that became a broadcast pioneer of pop culture, news and reality TV. This is no longer your grandmother's MTV!