Buzz - 3 dez. 22:43

Five perspectives on newsroom social media policies

Yesterday, we published a report that explores journalists’ experiences with and views of newsroom social media policies. Below are five responses to the report written by journalists and media scholars. - 3 dez. 22:18

Why do we itch?

The average person experiences dozens of individual itches each day. We've all experienced the annoyance of an inconvenient itch — but have you ever pondered why we itch in the first place? - 3 dez. 20:30

Is fashion ready for the metaverse?

A new medium poses its own set of challenges to the entire industry. But designers are wasting no time preparing to fill people’s virtual wardrobes. - 3 dez. 17:17

Vans Employees Protest Vaccine Mandate

A small group at the sneaker brand’s California HQ staged a protest against its COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Here’s Vans’ vaccination policy and the response. - 3 dez. 17:00

MrBeast Misses the Point

Team Seas is the mega-popular YouTuber's new humanitarian ocean cleanup stunt. It has serious problems. - 3 dez. 15:46

Cybersecurity for Idiots

One of cybersecurity’s major challenges is cyberstupidity, and regulators struggle to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies. - 3 dez. 15:30

Best TV Shows of 2021

Even by the standards of the choose-your-own-adventure TV landscape, exceptional TV spread diffusely across the landscape this year — so much so that two critics making Top 10 lists only shared thr… - 3 dez. 14:24

Bring Back the BCS Computers

The BCS era was defined by college football fans getting mad at a set of computer formulas. But math was never the problem with the old system—and the sport’s new selection process has only gotten worse. - 3 dez. 13:55

Best TV Shows of 2021

From Bo Burnham to “We Are Lady Parts,” the best in television this year offered ingenuity, humor, defiance and hope. - 3 dez. 13:54

The most striking images of 2021

Kelly Grovier picks 15 of the most startling photos from this year – including images of the riots at the US Capitol and an airplane in Kabul – and compares them with iconic artworks. - 3 dez. 10:00

What Happened to Amazon’s Bookstore?

A 2011 thriller was supposed to cost $15. One merchant listed it at $987, with a 17th-century publication date. That’s what happens in a marketplace where third-party sellers run wild. - 3 dez. 05:30

Built to Lie

A new book about the Boeing 737 MAX disaster exposes the company’s allergy to the truth.