Buzz - 29 nov. 14:41

Why Is Booz Allen Renting Us Back Our Own National Parks?

In 2017, consulting giant Booz Allen cut a deal with the government to extract junk fees from Americans who want to use Federal lands and waters for hunting or fishing. Will Congress or Biden act? - 29 nov. 00:21

How the CIA Forgot the Art of Spying

With the war on terror came a new, more militarized way of gathering intelligence. But now, America needs the kind of spooks who can work the cocktail party circuit—more James Bond, less Jason Bourne. - 28 nov. 14:28

The Future of Monkeypox

As case numbers fall, the outbreak could become entrenched. - 28 nov. 14:00

Beware of the Perfect Gentleman

The men whose photos are used for catfishing have little recourse other than to continuously report fake profiles across social media platforms. - 28 nov. 13:00

Do You Have a Right Not to Be Lied To?

Freedom of speech is being reconsidered by a group of legal scholars, who argue it is not absolute and may be outdated in a world of disinformation. - 28 nov. 12:00

The Future of Sex Ed Is the Internet

Many schools have given up on crafting inclusive and informative sex education. These websites and activists are filling in the gaps.